I started taking pictures when I was young but never really got into it until digital started up. I remember my first Kodak digital camera. With a pocket full of AA batteries and my SD card, away I went not worrying about how much it's going to cost me to develop the pictures. I felt compelled to take hundreds of pictures every time I went out. As my kids grew, so did my passion to take pictures.

With both of my children playing sports, it was a natural for me to be the team photographer. My picture taking grew from shooting hundreds, to shooting thousands. It was time to invest in a camera that was going to help me get better so I invested in my first Nikon. I was a Sports Photographer.

Being a techy kind of guy, it wasn't long before I needed a bigger, better camera so rather then move up one level, i went all out and bought my Nikon D3. This camera has helped me take better pictures and as I learn more and more about its capabilities, the better my pictures are.

My passion for photography grows with every picture that I take. I love capturing those special moments in between the moments and getting that shot that makes the person just smile when they see themselves in the picture that I have taken.

This past summer, Joe Brady of Mac on Campus, has taught me, through hours and hours of youtube videos, the art of portrait, off camera flash photography. I now have the passion to take pictures of people. Their appreciation of having someone take their picture who loves the art of photography is the greatest reward of all. Not a day goes by that I don't try and teach myself something that will allow me to take better pictures.

I hope to take YOUR picture some day soon.